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The moment you signed in, you can build your profile by providing your contact details and other information such as where you work, what work you doing, about your education, your past work experience, you can also write about yourself, you can add you social accounts and Tags. Tags? What’re these tags mean? Beebuck has initiated this Tags field to enhance the search method more efficiently. For example, if you are good at cooking you add “cooking” in the tags. When people search the word “cooking” your profile will be displayed in their search results. In other occasion we all go for a business meeting for the first time to a Company to meet the concern person. Its really hard to remember their name because you just met them once and its quite a long time ago. You don’t have their card too, but you remember their profession, what they are good at, their skills too. The importance of adding business tags is this, if they added their area of expertise, skills, what they are good at, etc its more convenient to find them based on their tags added. You can never miss any opportunity to connect with the concern person even if you don’t remember their name. This is why you never miss adding the tags in your profile.


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