Keep Connect and Expand

Our Mission

We aimed to become a modern, convenient, safe directory platform, in which the users can create and grow their business network to make Thai business grow strong and stable. To provide accelerated, reliable, and comprehensive information to our users and connect buyers to sellers to make doing business easy.

Our Vision

To become the largest business network and biggest directory platform in Thailand.

Keep Connect and Expand

Beebuck was born out of the desire to help people to stay connected with people. It is easy to connect with people but it isn’t easy to maintain and stay connected with them. Beebuck allows you to create connections, helps to stay connected with them, and expand your networks and never lose them for life. Beebuck allows you to access full information about members of your batch, group, team, or colleagues, etc wherever they are in the universe.

About Us

Thai Beebuck Company Limited is Thailand’s local directory search engine that provides local search related service to users across Thailand through multiple platforms such as websites, mobile websites, Apps ( Android & IOS ). Beebuck has introduced the “Beehive” service to create unlimited Pages, Groups, and Sub-Groups. Each level has mounted with a directory feature in which you can access the information of your team, batch, group, etc. The aim of this service to help people stay connected and never lose contact for life. Beebuck has initiated a “Cards” service for all the users. This service aim at business cards and membership cards carrying task to make it more convenient. This feature helps people to digitalize their existing physical cards and save them in the application. Making it more conveniently actionable and accessible to users through our app anywhere and anytime.

Why are we Special?

Our Exclusive Features



Beehive will provide you to create pages, groups, and sub-groups. One can create any number of pages, in that page, an admin can create any number of groups and subgroups.


The Directory

The directory feature helps the user to digitalize all your directories. After the admin creates a directory, the users who are in the list of that directory can request to claim their profile.



Avoid carrying the business cards everywhere with us and to find the required contact details from our physical card collections with ease.



Beebuck will notify users well ahead of important events and make them not miss any events


Customized Search

Beebuck makes it easier to search for people based on their interests, tags, nickname, profession, and name. Users can also search for friends, pages, groups, sub-groups, and members in their directory.


Personalized Privacy

We think privacy is valuable. You don't have to share everything, and it's healthy to occasionally hit the pause button and ask yourself if you're oversharing.

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